Education Center

At Moore Oil Company, we are committed to providing high-quality products that meet or exceed industry standards. We also believe our responsibility to our customers extends beyond simply providing great products. We pride ourselves on helping teach customers about industry trends, new products and operational excellence.

Here are links to resources we think you’ll find helpful.

Moore Oil Matters

Visit this resource to learn more about the American Petroleum Institute’s new program that is working to ensure consumers receive high-quality oil from licensed motor oil distributors and oil change locations.

Waste Oil Recycling

Visit these resources to learn more about the environmentally safe ways to recycle oil.

  • American Petroleum Institute,
  • NORA, a trade association representing the nearly 200 leading companies in the liquid recycling industry,

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Visit these resources to learn more about DEF and its important aid to the environment.

New Engine Oil Specifications

Visit these resources to learn about current engine oil specifications.

Coolant Information

Visit this resource for information about coolants.

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